Add Investors to Your Broker Business to Make More Money

Hannah Lapin

Why add investors to your broker or real estate business? Here's our list of the top five reasons: 

  1. They are a chunk of the market. Real estate investors exceed 20% of the market, coming in at 21.88% of the market in 2016. If you aren’t working with investors, you are missing a huge niche of potential.
  2. They buy a lot of properties. In 2016, 31% of investors bought over 5 properties, with 17% of those investors buying more than 10 properties. That is a lot of business per client.
  3. They can help you grow your business. Good investors often have experience with other investors, realtors, title companies, property managers, real estate lawyers and other industry influencers. You never know where establishing relationships with investors can take you; a huge part of success in this industry is building your network.
  4. They approach their deals from a business standpoint. Unlike most home buyers, real estate investors often leave their personal preferences out of their business deals. Since they won’t be living in the homes themselves, the color schemes and floor plans are less important to them, and they don’t have emotional attachments to the properties.
  5. They know the process. Most of the time investors use brokers and realtors to help them shop for the best deals. Unless they are a newbie, they don’t really need you to hold their hands or explain how the loan process works.

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