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Posted by Hannah Lapin ● Mar 19, 2018, 4:31:36 PM

How Landlords Are Utilizing Property Managers

Property Management (1)-1

Utilizing a property management company can be incredibly helpful for landlords, especially for the more strenuous tasks such as tenant eviction. (Not surprisingly, a whopping 83% of landlords use third party property managers to evict their tenants). The Iceberg Report, a study of SFR real estate investors, provides the most comprehensive data available on landlord strategies. Here are some of the highlights on property management strategies from the Report:

What are some of the tasks investors are hiring property managers for and what percentage of landlords are using property managers for these tasks?

  • Rent Collection: 35%
  • Utilities Management: 23%
  • Taxes and Accounting: 12%
  • Eviction: 83%
  • Repairs and Maintenance: 27%

How many landlords use property management companies for tenant screening and what other strategies are they using?

  • Screen without help: 38%
  • Use a property management company: 30%
  • Online tenant search and placement: 7%
  • Use a realtor or lease service: 10%

How are landlords finding property management companies?

  • Word of mouth: 36%
  • Referrals from realtors: 19%
  • Internet searches: 14%
  • Direct mail: 2%
  • Other methods: 29%

Want even more from The Iceberg Report? Check out our blog post on investor strategies or download your free copy. Are you interested in partnering with Visio? Check out our Partner Programs.

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