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Posted by Hannah Lapin ● Mar 16, 2018 3:44:46 PM

Put in Time Now, Earn Passive Income Later

Time Now, Passive Income Later

We’ve dedicated blog posts on how to earn passive income in little to no time, without spending any money, and for things you already do. Now we want to give you a few ways to put in some upfront time with tremendous earning potential down the road:

  1. Start a blog

    Are you a foodie? Sports fanatic? Book worm? Blog about your passions. Although it takes a lot of time and effort to monetize a blog, it can be done on your own time, and if you get a decent following, you can make decent money. The Penny Hoarder has an excellent guide to starting a blog and ultimately making money.
  2. Create YouTube Videos

    Not much of a writer but have a talent you can put on YouTube? Or even an adorable pet that could gain a YouTube following? If you can get 10,000 views to your channel, you can make money. NerdWallet teaches you how in this blog.
  3. Become an active Referral Partner with Visio Lending

    Are you a people person and interested in real estate? Network with real estate investors, and refer them to us. We will pay you $500 for EACH referral that closes on a loan. Check out our eBook on how to find real estate investors.

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Want even more ways to build passive income streams? See our blog section "Make Easy Money." 

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